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How will Jake Shields do in UFC?

    Sat, 2010-07-17 12:14 — BlackBelt

     So now do you think he will do? I know he has good BJJ and Wrestling but he seems to lack at stand up and GnP. 
    Martin Kampmann i think is a good fight for Jake, he has fought better strikers and will take him down easy i think.  However when he gets up there towards the top guys i think he will have a hard time. Guys like Kos will be much harder to take down and Alves hits like a ton of bricks. 
    GSP is on a whole different level from those guys too. 

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    Jake is the truth

    I think that Jake Shields has proven to be one of the top fighters in the world..... Ask Dan Henderson! Hendo is a formidable foe for any light heavyweight or Middleweight, guys lets keep in mind that Jake is a welterweight and yet he was able to beat a legend using his combo of wrestling and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to nullify the bigger ,stronger and more experienced Pride veteran.

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     GSP and Shields are the two best 170-pound fighters in all of MMA.
    Striking: GSP has the clear advantage standing up. Shields has never been known to engage people on the feet in a game of fisticuffs, while GSP dismantled Matt Hughes in their second fight with strikes and kicks on the feet. One of the biggest misconceptions about GSP is that he has a suspect chin. No one can answer that, because he has never been hit on the chin. The only KO loss on his record (to Matt Serra in their first fight) happened when Serra clipped GSP on the soft spot behind his ear. That has nothing to do with how his chin holds up. After the loss to Serra, GSP has utilized much safer game plans. This has made some people forget what he did to Hughes, but doesn't change the fact that he comes from a Kyokushin Karate background and knows how to strike. GSP picked apart Jon Fitch with counter-strikes, throughout their 5-round title fight and Fitch has a very similar game to Shields. Shields is not a powerful striker or a technical striker, so the stand up game will clearly be in GSP's favor.
    Wrestling: This aspect of the fight will be a wash. GSP has displayed the best wrestling-for-MMA skill set in the sport, time after time. He has out-wrestled Josh Koscheck, who is an NCAA Division I wrestling champion. GSP has also made a habit of dismantling other high-level wrestlers throughout his career. This is a list that includes the likes of Jay Hieron, Karo Parisyan, Jason "MayheM" Miller, Frank Trigg, Sean Sherk, Fitch, B.J. Penn (twice), and Hughes (twice). On the other hand, Shields has done the same thing to the best 170-pounders outside of the UFC for years. Shields also has impressive wins over some of the top 185-pounders in the sport, such as Yushin Okami, "MayheM" (GSP beat "MayheM" at 170-pounds), Robbie Lawler, and Dan Henderson. His dominance over Henderson was particularly impressive, considering Henderson is a two-time Olympic wrestler that used to simultaneously hold both the PRIDE 205-pound and 185-pound titles. Henderson was also one of the top contenders in the UFC middleweight division at the time he signed with Strikeforce and fought Shields.
    Grappling: GSP and Shields are both BJJ black belts and ADCC veterans. However, Shields has accomplished more in the sport of submission grappling. In MMA, they have both used their grappling skills on the ground to secure some impressive finishes. GSP has submitted the likes of Trigg and Hughes, but tends to win more by TKO after utilizing dominant positioning on the ground to reign down some brutal ground-and-pound. Shields has never made it a secret that the ground is where he is the most comfortable. He tries to take down everyone he faces, regardless of their style or pedigree. Unlike GSP, however, Shields prefers to look for submissions over the TKO and has submitted the likes of Mike Pyle, Paul Daley, Nick Thompson, and Lawler.

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    I think he will do well but

    I think he will do well but he will have to learn some stand up if he wants to hold the UFC title.

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     I think he has a good shot

     I think he has a good shot against GSP for the title.  Neither has good hands,  Both have good wrestling , but jake has better BJJ.  So you know it goes to the ground. where Jake has the advantage.  Also Jake has a better shot of KOing GSP than GSP does Jake,  Jake took a shot from Hendo and didnt get KO's.  We have seen GSP's chin be weak.

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    Very good points. I just have

    Very good points. I just have a hard time betting against GSP until someone can handle him like he has dominated sooo many opponents.

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