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John Danaher Facts

    Fri, 2010-09-24 18:48 — Gumby

    It's nice to see John Danaher getting his due with his appearance on the Ultimate Fighter and mentorship of GSP.  I've often said I've felt that the two best non-Brazilian instructors I've ever met were "New Zeland" John and Henry Akins (I had the pleasure of introducing the two and having lunch with both of them, wouldn't you have liked to be in on THAT conversation!)  At one point fellow (and rival) Ultimate Fighter Coach Dave Camarillo made taking a private with John a requirement to get a black belt from him. 

    Some interesting "facts" about John that are well known to most insiders:

    1.  Never ever wears anything other than a rash guard on any occasion.  Matt Serra remarked that John wore a rash guard to his wedding! 

    2.  Although the Darce choke is named after Joe D'Arce, even Joe is quick to point out that it was John who taught him the move, and it was definitely a source of a lot of amusement within the academy.  The Darce however is just one move in a series, the have the Marce and the Barce and a few other variations I believe. 

    3.  For all those cracking on John's haircut:  His reputation as a ladies' man is almost as legendary as his Jiu Jitsu prowess.  Seriously, he would put any pick up artist to shame and those few have seen him in action mention that he disarms the women with his mind as surely as he has the ability to lock up an armbar. 

    There must be some other Renzo Gracie students here that I'm sure can add more. 

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     Great Post, I would love to get to one of his classes.

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    He whoped my ass good back an

    He whoped my ass good back an Renzo's in the day.  Great guy and a great teacher. 

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    Training in Rio has never been Safer or Easier!
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