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KOTC: Green takes Belt, Duran KO's Diaz

    Sat, 2010-02-27 08:11 — Anonymous

    Highland, Ca - Former TFA champion Bobby Green would capture KOTC’s Jr. welterweight belt Thursday night at the San Manuel Casino as he would overpower current champion Rick Legere.

    From the sound of the bell both men would go nonstop and land punches from the pocket early on. Legere seeing that Green would match him punch for punch would shoot in and attempt to take the fight to the ground but the former champ could never capitalize on the position. Green’s explosive style would allow him to scramble to his feet and just tee off with fast strikes. Legere would continue though to push with the takedown but eventually run into a hard right hand that would floor the Team Millennia fighter. Green would then come in quick with a barrage of punches that would force the TKO stoppage and make him the new Jr welterweight champion.

    In the co main event Pinnacle Jiu Jitsu fighter Reuben Duran would KO former Bantamweight champion Ryan “Lion” Diaz in what was fight of the night.

    For three rounds both fighters went toe to toe with kicks, punches, scrambles and submission attempts. On top Duran would seem more confident pushing the pace constantly with his punches and knees while Diaz used his strikes to set up the takedown and ground attacks. Although Diaz would try submission after submission Duran scramble ability would always win out. For most of the fight this how it would play out until late in the third Duran would fire off a vicious combination of punches that would KO the Diaz and leave him face first on the mat with less then a minute left in the fight.

    In an unfortunate turn of events referee Herb Dean would call the fight between crowd favorite Waachim Spiritwolf and striking specialist Ismael Gonzalez.

    Known for his straight forward attack Spiritwolf would come in swinging only to be met with a fury of counter punches from Gonzalez, seeing that he would not be able to match Gonzalez’s speed he would opt take the fight to the floor. After a few scrambles he would find himself on Gonzales’s back fighting for the choke and landing punches. Gonzalez’s would do what he could to shake off his opponent but as Spiritwolf would rise up and punch again he would land to the back Gonzalez’s head forcing the ref to halt the action and after being checked by the doctor the fight would stopped and ruled a technical draw.

    That night Conquest in the Cage veteran Musa Tolliver would execute a superb game plan against multiple Muay Thai champion Sasiprapa Malaipet.

    Tolliver came in that night focused on one thing and one thing only take the Muay Thai champion down and out of his element. For three rounds Tolliver would control Malaipet from the top position and land punches and elbows almost at will. Even though Malaipet would attempt to scramble out from the bottom Tolliver would just switch position and continue to land blow after blow. In the end as the bell would sound the ref would confirm would everyone already knew, Tolliver was the winner via unanimous decision.

    In featherweight action Team Millennia fighter Dave Rivas would overpower Team Oyama fighter Martin Bautista using heavier punches and clinch work in a three round war.

    In middleweight action AKA fighter Ron Keslar would withstand his opponent Jonathan Brandon’s early onslaught and catch him in a rear naked choke that would force the C-Quence Jiu Jitsu fighter to tap.

    In welterweight action Shark Tank MMA fighter David Gomez would use single punches, takedowns and ground work to score a unanimous decision victory over Empire Training Center’s George Sanchez.

    Finally on the card Pinnacle Jiu Jitsu fighter Aaron Arana would come in and take Unbreakable fighter Chris Wolf to the floor and land some ground and pound before catching an arm bar from the mount forcing the KOTC newcomer to tap.


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