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    Sun, 2010-02-28 10:10 — Dave Marques


    Ronald Carillo (1 -0) vs. Anthony De Lost Santos (Debut)
    Carillo won by arm bar in the second round.

    Steve Dickie (3-0) vs. Alan Lummel
    Dickie lived up to his nickname “The Hammer” as he quickly rained down punches and overwhelmed his opponent in the first round.  Ref called the fight at 0:33 into the first round.

    Renee Robinson (Debut) vs. Lilia Salas (Debut)
    Early in the match, Salas made a critical mistake of showing his back and Robinson jumped on the opportunity and took Salas to the ground.  She was quickly able to open up Lilia’s guard and after a few blows to the head the ref called it at 1:06 into the first round.

    Jesse Tobar (2-0) vs. Johnson Nguyen
    Nguyen started the match quickly by trying to shoot in on a missed roundhouse kick but as they went to the ground Tobar managed to take Nguyen’s back.  Moments later, he was able to submit him by rear naked choke in the second round. 

    Tristan Arenal (3-1) vs. George Miller (3-1)
    The first round was spent mostly stand in stand up, with Arenal dropping Miller with a couple of hooks to the head.  Miller was quickly able to recover each time, and looked determined to continue.  In the second round Arenal dropped Miller again with hooks and continued to strike Miller as he fell to the ground.   With Miller unable to respond to the blows, the Ref soon called a TKO in the second round.

    Christ Stewart (Debut) vs. Samuel Bracamnonte (Debut)
    The first fight of the night to make it to the 3rd round ended with Bracamnonte mounting Stewart and submitting him with strikes.

    Eric Lawson (9-2) vs. Wayne Phillips (3-3)
    Despite Lawson’s strong start in the first round, Phillips was determined not to be out done and submitted Lawson by arm bar.

    Main Card
    Raul Castillo (6-0) vs. Yancy Medeiros (4-0)
    Through out the fight Medeiros kept the fight standing and controlled the fight with his strikes.  Castillo, unable to take down Medeiros to use his jiu-jitsu, engaged with strikes more in the third round but Medeiros kept patient, out striking Castillo on most exchanges.  Medeiros took the unanimous decision for the victory.

    James Terry (7-1) vs. Tarec Saffiedine (7-2)
    Much like Castillo vs. Medeiros, Saffiedine kept the fight standing the first two rounds evading all shoots and grapples from Terry.  In the third round Saffiedine was much more aggressive landing knees to the head and a spinning back kick to Terry’s stomach.  Terry was much more willing to engage Saffiedine with strikes but unable to take the fight the ground.  His failed strategy eventually cost him the fight, losing by unanimous decision.

    Luke Rockhold (6-1) vs. Paul Bradley (12-1)
    Rockhold dropped Bradley with a right hook twice, the second followed up with knees  to the chest and more blows to the head before the ref called the fight 2:24 into the first.  This TKO in the first continues Rockhold’s trend of quick victories in the first round.

    Trevor Prangley (22-5) vs. Karl Amoussou (11-2-1)
    Both fighters were very patient, feeling each other out and seemed to have fun.  What seemed like what was going to be a great fight unfortunately ended in a draw due to accidental foul at 4:14 in the first round, after Prangley accidentally poked Amoussou in the eye when hit by an overhand left to the head.
    Sarah Kaufman (10-0) vs. Takayo Hashi (12-1)
    The main event, Strikeforce’s first Women’s World Welterweight Championship, consisted of  Unified Women’s MMA top ranked fighters, Kaufman, ranked first, and Hashi, ranked second.  All five rounds were spent Kaufman controlling the fight with strikes and sprawling each takedown attempt by Hashi.  Hashi was unable to mount any effective offense throughout the fight. Hashi should be given credit though for getting up after a number of hard punches to the head.  Kaufman was able to out box and out last Hashi through all five rounds, taking home the unanimous decision and the belt.  

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