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BTF Kids Boxing Gloves - Thai Style

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    Just for the Kids
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     Boxing Gloves arguably are the most important tool in training. Boxing and Thai Gloves have come close to perfection with years of people training in combat sports, yet there are still improvements that can be made. Using top quality material is the most important in the production of boxing gloves, because of the sheer volume of use they get. Your boxing gloves have to last through countless hours of training. That is why we have created a new industry standard,  the One-Year Equipment Warranty on all Boxing Gloves.

    Weight: 1 lb.


    Fahad Amin's picture

    I newbie to boxing and want

    I newbie to boxing and want to know is there size of the gloves matters? I am looking for a a triner. My favourite boxcer is Mnnay Pacquiao and i have got the  Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 tickets and can't to watch his fight

    louisejane's picture

    Can you please differentiate

    Can you please differentiate boxing gloves to Thai gloves? There's upcoming pacquiao vs marquez fight this coming December.

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