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Bud Cup 2004 & 2005 DVD

    Budweiser Cup Championship!
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    The Budweiser Jiu Jitsu World Cup is a prestigious event taking place in North Carolina put on by the JD Hurst academy and sponsored by Budweiser. The sport made a quantum leap forward as talent from all over the region competed in both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling action, highlighted by three professional divisions as lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight contenders battled for the right to be called the Budweiser Cup Champion! 
    Bud Cup 2004

    Pedro “Pedrinho” Brandao vs Junior Assuncao
    Raphael Assuncao vs Marcelo Brandao
    Pedro “Pedrinho” Brandao vs Diego Saravia
    Raphael Assuncao vs Dennis Hayes
    Diego Saravia vs Dennis Hayes
    Pedro “Pedrinho” Brandao vs Raphael Assuncao
    Marcel Ferraira vs Chris Moriarty
    Ryan Ellison vs Anthony Wayne Huss
    Marcel Ferraira vs Brett Thompson
    Lamont Tyler vs Jeff Monson
    Alex Franks vs Scott Z
    Diego Saravia vs Nestor Bayot (BJJ Match)
    + 2 More Complete Matches

    Submission Highlights from the Regular Tournament

    Bud Cup 2005

    Mike Easton vs Klint Radwani
    Mike Fowler vs Jo Jo Guarin
    Mike Fowler vs Leo Marques
    Jo Jo Guarin vs Leo Marques
    Remco Pardoel vs Roy Nelson
    Justin Farmer vs Daniel Valverde
    Dennis Hayes vs Noah Booth
    Dennis Hayes vs Justin Farmer
    Daniel Valverde vs Noah Booth
    Ademir Olivera vs Dan Simmler
    Mike Meitzler vs Chris Moriarty
    Igor Almedia vs Rafael Lovato Jr.
    Dan Simmler vs Chris Moriarty
    Dan Simmler vs Rafael Lovato Jr.
    Justin Jacobs vs Rick Macauley
    Carlos da Silva vs Roy Nelson
    Jeff Monson vs Rick Macauley
    Caveman vs Roy Nelson
    Caveman vs Rick Macauley
    Jeff Monson vs Roy Nelson


    Weight: 1 lb.

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