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OTM Women's Gi

    Now back in style!

    OTM Womens GI White Pink Front
    OTM Womens GI White Pink Front
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    Price: $189.99

    Brand New Women's Gi

    This new gi has been completely redesigned to fit the girls in the sport.  The top has been cut to have a narrower waist and a flared skirt.  The pants have been modeled off the fit of a baggy women's jean cut.  The pant body is cut to be curvy in the hips and the crotch has been shortened and is lower cut than the men’s pants but still had the triple gusset.  

    The gi is made of the same high quality materials as all OTM gis. The fabric is a light weight pearl weave, the top is one piece top with full stress point re enforcements. The re enforcements have been stylized in to cool star logos.  The collar is a UVA foam collar with rip stop material.  

    The inside of the gi has a beautiful inside print.  The logos are woven tag, embroidery, and printed appliqué.

    The pants are a light weight rip stop material with a triple gusset crotch.  Pants are triple and double stitched and re enforced in all the right spots.  Draw string is folded fabric so it will not rip or stretch.



    Check out this review - MegJitsu







    Weight: 3 lb.

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