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Save Jiu JItsu No Scissor Banging T-Shirt


    Save Jiu Jitsu No Scissor Banging Shirt Front
    Save Jiu Jitsu No Scissor Banging Shirt Back
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    List Price: $24.99
    Price: $24.99

     Are You Sick Of Watching Double Guard Pulls And Trying To Explain To People That's Not What BJJ Is!

    Well me too!  So that is why we made this new tshirt to show our dislike for the rules that make this style advantageous. 

    Get a shirt and support the cause!  #saveBJJ


    T-Shirts are printed on a high quality slim fit cotton-poly blend t-shirt.  Printing is sublimation and will never crack or peel off.


    Weight: 0.5 lb.



    gerry's picture

    There are actually similar

    There are actually similar shirts for Jiu-Jitsu with the same idea, but they seems to have no exceptions. Well, if you are not in this field you rather have the shirt as collections rather than a representation of the said sports. I also collects shirts like this however, but I prefer using apparels from http://www.shoppingformen.com.au/online-shopping-for-men-australia/, where I have only known this online store after I received mens gift items from my colleage.

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