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    If you’re an MMA or BJJ school owner who wants to get a FLOOD of new students in the shortest amount of time possible, then what I’m about to tell you is likely to be the most important information you receive this year…
    Here’s what this is all about:
    OnTheMat.com has just made available a limited opportunity to partner with us to use the power of the Internet and the OnTheMat.com brand to get more exposure to your school than your ever thought possible!
    That’s right, for a limited time your school can team up with the largest and most trusted martial arts website on the entire Internet with us having the common goal of getting lots of exposure to your school (which will lead to more student sign ups) FAST!
    This Platinum level package is not available to all schools. Instructors must be verifiable black belts and approved schools only. 
    How To Partner With OnTheMat.com
    To partner with www.OnTheMat.com all you have to do is sign up for one of our Platinum Level School Owner Memberships  and we’ll handle the rest.
    Here’s what you get as a Platinum Member:

    As a Platinum member, you get a preferred listing in the www.OnTheMat.com school directory.  With this preferred listing, in addition to your logo, name and address and a link to your website, you also get to list your phone number, put up your own customized videos and your own photo gallery on your school owner page.  Plus, your school’s schedule will also be published on your school page.

    In addition, to your preferred listing, all Platinum members get their school page set up with special GEO tracking software.  With this GEO Tracking, whenever someone from your geographic area goes to the OnTheMat.com school search page, your school listing automatically comes up prominently on the very top of the School Directly page!  
    This means that an ad for you school comes up without them having to even search for a school in their area!  Pretty cool, huh?

    The first thing every person who searches for a school will see your school's Name, Logo, and location on the map! You also hold a key position on the right hand side of the page making sure you capture even more eyes on your listing.
    Not only that, but as our partner, you get to utilize OnTheMat.com’s position as the most popular martial arts sites on the Internet to YOUR benefit.  This occurs in a variety of ways.
    First of all, www.OnTheMat.com currently gets over 150,000 visitors per month. And these are not just casual BJJ and MMA fans; most of them are much more dedicated than that. We have over 8,000 Black Belts listed in our belt database and low belts database grows hourly.  Meaning most of them are people that train or our interested in starting to train.  These are the exact people that you want visiting your site & signing uo to train at your school.  And they will be (in droves) when you sign up as a Platinum Member.
    In addition to the regular OnTheMat.com visitors, when you sign up as a Platinum Member your school directly homepage gets indexed on the OnTheMat.com site, which has been around since 1996 and needless to say ranks very highly in the search engines.  Now, your school can “piggy back” on our high search rankings without you having to do ANY extra work!
    Lastly, when you sign up as a Platinum Member you become an OnTheMat.com certified school, which gives you the endorsement of OnTheMat.com and also means that OnTheMat.com has certified the ranks of all of the instructors at your school, which will let future students feel good that your school is a quality school with quality training.
    I will also write a personal review of your school and add it to your listing verifying your school is a place i would personally train.
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