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    Tutaj BJJ
    7628 W Madison St
    Forest Park IL 60130
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    If You Are a Serious Competitor, Check Out Tutaj BJJ.


    Jon Tutaj, the head instructor at Tutaj BJJ, is a passionate instructor, he doesn't hold back when he is teaching class and even refines moves of his students and visitors during open mat. Jon feeds the competitive nature of his students in a healthy way. He teaches moves that are battle tested for tournaments. He is extremely attentive to details (angles, torque, pressure and etc) since he sees Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through the calculative lens and mind of an engineer. Jon finishes most of his matches via tapouts and I am proud to be his videographer, to be able to capture the submissions on film. Check out his highlight video on the website. 1st class is free and there is no contract to sign. The school operates with the philosophy that no one should be bound by restricting contracts in order to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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    HIGHLY recommended


    This is the third school that I've trained at, and it is, BY FAR, my favorite.  Jon Tutaj is both an excellent competitor and a superb instructor.  Each student gets individual attention during the technique-portion of the class to ensure that they are doing the moves properly, and the instructor always rolls with the students and offers feedback then as well.  Be sure to go to Jon's website and watch his highlite video, it displays perfectly his competition style, and the type of technical teaching he provides.
    The atmosphere is friendly, team- and classes are Mon and Fri 7-9, nogi is Wed 7-9, and open mats are Sun-Tues-Thurs 7-9.


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