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Saturday mail still in question under Congress’s funding plan
Lawmakers are divided over whether the short-term funding plan that awaits President Obama’s signature would require the U.S. Postal Service to continue Saturday mail distribution. Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe intensified a debate on Capitol Hill when he announced in February that the USPS would drop to five days of mail distribution while maintaining six-day delivery of parcels beginning in August. The move is meant to help the financially struggling agency save about $2 billion a year. But Congress has required six-day delivery by the Postal Service since 1987, and the passage of the continuing resolution funding bill Thursday maintains that status quo. Or so some lawmakers assert. Others disagree, saying the Postal Service is in its right to make the change. The Government Accountability Office said Thursday that the current stopgap budget requires the Postal Service to maintain six-day delivery. GAO counsel said the same rule would apply under the funding plan Congress approved Thursday. Lawmakers who oppose five-day service applauded the GAO report, saying it proves that the Postal Service must continue delivering mail on Saturdays. “The same language has been in appropriations bills for 30 years, and we expect the Postal Service to continue complying with the six-day mail delivery mandate,” said Caley Gray, a spokesman for Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg (D-N.J.).

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My name is Miss Nelly ,I wish i could get to know you for it is my pleasure to have you as my friend for a friend is all about Respect,Admiration and Passion also friendship consist sharing of ideas and showing true love without cheats,lies and betrayal and i have this feelings to share with you, i believe that you are the type of one that i want in my life for a serious relationship,i want you to know that age, race,and religion is not important to me all that is important to me is pure love,waiting to hear from you i will send you my picture please reach me at (, sorry i could not upload my picture here, but i well send you some as soon as i read from you, Have a beautiful day thanks,
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